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The Economist is an influential weekly news magazine that delivers highly readable and in-depth articles about the economy, business, politics, and government. Published conntinuously September 1843 onwards and with its average circulation crossing over 1.5 million, the magazine covers national and international issues with primary focus on current news, politics and business. It also runs regular columns on science, technology and the arts. Every two weeks or so, the magazine prints a detailed special report on a specific topic around five main categories – Countries and Regions, Business, Finance and Economics, Science and Technology, and Other.

Every three months, it publishes Technology Quarterly (TQ), a special section covering the latest trends and developments in science and technology. The Economist is known for its bold and liberal stance on issues such as free trade, globalization, free immigration, global warming, gay marriages, and legalization of drugs, gun control and other contentious issues. In short, the magazine should be a ‘must have’ on the desk of every intelligent reader.

You will receive the current newsstand issue of the title.

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