Single Issue Magazines - LIFE Explores World War II: Greatest Battles

LIFE Explores World War II: Greatest Battles

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The bloodiest conflict in human history was defined by brilliant military tactics and incredible bravery on the battlefield, in the air, and on the sea. From the battles of Guadalcanal and Leyte Gulf to the air strikes launched from Midway, this special edition of LIFE EXPLORES digs deep into the victories that turned the tide for the Allies in World War II, identifying the crucial turning points and examining why the moments made a difference.

In THE GREATEST BATTLES, you will not only find action-packed stories that explain the war’s developments, but also gripping photographs that show our soldiers and our enemies in action, strategic maps that reveal troop movements and timelines that synthesize developments. For anyone who wants to learn about this key moment in world history, THE GREATEST BATTLES presents the facts clearly and compellingly, demonstrating how the Americans and British beat back Adolph Hitler and the Axis Powers, keeping the world safe for decades to come.

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