Delivery Information for Mag Illustrated

For Domestic Orders

We have a $5.50 flat rate basic shipping option - if it fits, it ships. We use USPS flat rate envelope shipping - we have found that for most magazine orders, this is the best option for price and reliability. We can fit 10 copies of Sports Illustrated or 2 copies of the regular US Vogue in this envelope.

Some magazines such as the big Vogue will not fit in the flat rate envelope. These items are often marked on the website - you must contact us before ordering to get a shipping quote and ordering instructions. While a few magazines such as Purple Fashion can ship by media mail (because they are a book without ads), most magazines are chock full of ads and cannot be shipped by the media mail taxpayer subsidized rate.


Same$5.50 flat rate basic shipping option as the continental US, but orders will take longer, sometimes much longer.

International Shipping

  • Eligible Items

    MAGAZINES only. Individual magazines are eligible for international orders.

    Subscriptions are not available for International orders.

  • Rates

    For International Orders, our basic rates are: $22.00 for Canada $29.00 for Countries we ship to.

  • Limitations

    If your magazines fit in a USPS flat rate envelope AND the total weight of your magazines is under 4 pounds, we can ship your order with our basic rate.

    If your magazines are too large for the envelope or if the total weight of your order is over 4 pounds, we will contact you about extra postage.

  • Delivery Times

    Delivery time can be 4-30 days. The times have varied widely and we have no control once the Post Office has the package. Most often, packages are delayed when they transfer from the USPS to your postal service.

  • APO

    APO rates are the same $7.50 flat rate basic shipping option as the continental US, but orders will take longer, sometimes much longer.

How many can we fit in the envelope? 

It depends on the magazine!
FLAUNT, CR, W and a number of other magazines are too big to fit in the envelope.
Phil Steele's Football Preview weighs 1.5 pounds, we can usually fit two other football magazines in the envelope but almost never three! 

Multiple Copies?

We can normally supply 2 copies per title, often more.  Please contact us before ordering if you need more than 2 copies of a title.