How to Send Magazines to Inmates

Remember, all facilities have their own rules, so please verify that your purchased items are permissible in their respective institution. Please include inmate numbers with each order try to be tasteful with your selections.

Most institutions will not allow magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler....they will however allow magazines like Maxim, Easyriders, Smooth, Car and Driver, Field and Stream, Newsweek etc.

We Guarantee delivery to the facility; We can't guarantee your selection will not be confiscated due to facility rules. With that said, please use PayPal at checkout to file a claim in case of non-delivery. We do not issue refunds for confiscated or returned items.

Some important things to remember when sending books, magazines or newspapers to an inmate:

  • ** Do not send more then 3 books at a time (every facility is different)
  • All books must be new and soft cover (no hardcover or spiral bound)
  • Always ship USPS
  • Use the inmate's name and ID number with the facility mailing address
  • Inmates in solitary cannot receive mail
** We may ship items seperately to meet this requirement

Ready to make a selection?

Sending mail to an inmate
How long will it take for the first subscription to arrive?

As a general rule, daily subscriptions take 4 to 8 weeks to start, weekly subscriptions take 6 to 10 weeks to start, monthly subscriptions take 8 to 12 weeks to start and bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions take 10 to 16 weeks to start.

Single Issues generally ship in 2 to 3 business days.

Note: Single issues of approved magazines may be denied due to content. The same title could have been approved last month or next month, but the facility may find particular info or pictures contained in the magazine do not meet the approval of the facility. It happens......only the facility mail inspector can tell you why.

What is your refund policy?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund money for magazine subscriptions or single issues sent to inmates due to the many circumstances out of our control. i.e. prohibited items and other various facility rules.

Trust. If an error occurs by our actions, we will gladly refund or credit your cost.......and please Contact Us immediately if your LO (loved one) is moved.

Customer service is important, VERY important to us. If you have any questions regarding sending magazines to any prison, please contact us.

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