Magazine Subscriptions

First things first, no magazine store has everything! But Daggonit.... we have more than those other outfits!

What about Walmart? They carry magazines don't they?

You can find a few current issues in a section of the store smaller than a box car, but you can't find magazine subscriptions.

Uh......we have the magazines Walmart doesn't carry.  Not because they don't care. Sure, the big stores like Walmart care about us (yeah right).  They just don't have the space nor the specific industry desire to offer thousands of magazine subscriptions like we do.

What about Amazon? They are online and they carry magazine subscriptions.

Sure, if you want them to keep your credit card information and have them automatically charge your card for renewals (That's the fine print on their site) I,personally don't want no one charging my card when they get ready.  I prefer to contact the publisher myself and negotiate the same rate I been paying. (Trust me....they don't want to see you go and tend to accept your offer of your previous rate)

Magazine Subscriptions with No Auto-Renewals

And yes......we have the magazines you can't buy on Amazon as well. Why? Becasue Amazon only sells what the masses want to buy.  They could care less about local favorites like "Milwaukee Magazine" or your favorite team magazine like "Jets Confidential" But we specialize in Magazines.  Magazine subscriptions and back issues.

No, Walmart doesn't offer magazine subscriptions like Amazon, but they both also don't offer adult titles,Regional magazine subscriptions nor trade offerings like Journal of Property Management. And they are so politically castrated, you can't purchase a Jewish Week magazine subscription nor any religious subscription they don't deem special enough to prevent any protests....

Yup, I guess when you look at it, we magazine distributors are still your one stop shop to get your favorite magazine subscriptions plus quantity discounts you can't get when shopping from each Publisher seperately.

As we stated in the beginning, we may not have everything so if there is a magazine subscription you don't see on our site let us know. Contact us