Refund Policy

Magazines have a very short shelf life, meaning they can only be sold for a limited time. We strive to provide a high-quality enjoyable customer experience through our extensive library of available magazines for purchase. However, the limited shelf life means limited options for us and our valued customers in terms of refunds and returns. For this reason, All sales are final for any and all single issue magazines purchased on

Subscription orders are fully refunded within 30 days of purchase (Excluding inmate subscriptions)

Refund Policy


Refund Policy FAQ's

Does accept returns?

No. Due to the perishable nature of the magazines, we are unable to accept returns for compensation. All sales are final for all products purchased on

Does provide any form of refund or compensation for packages lost/stolen, or damaged during transit?

No. All sales are final for all products purchased on If your package(s) are lost, stolen, or damaged after it has left our facility, you will need to contact to complete a lost/damaged mail form. We will not be held liable for the package(s) once it has been handed over to USPS.

I didn’t get everything I ordered and/or the wrong issue was sent to me. What do I do?

If there are discrepancies from what your original receipt says compared to what you have received, please contact us. If we determine we left out an item(s) in error, or we sent you the wrong issue of the correct title, we will ship the missed/correct item at no additional cost to you.

However, due to the perishable nature of magazines, if an item is left out of your order in error, we may not have the item in stock when you contact us. If this occurs, we will discuss with you alternate options. Additionally, if you received the wrong issue of the requested title, we will do our best to send you the correct issue number. If it is no longer available we will discuss with you alternate options. 

There is a small chance an item you purchase will sell out between the time you place your order and the time the order is filled and ready for shipment. If this occurs, we will attempt to contact you. We can offer to provide the next available issue if we know it will arrive on the shelves within 3 days, or we will adjust your order to reflect the change in price due to the sold-out item(s).


Correctional Institutions

If you are shipping to a prison, we urge you to pay careful attention to its regulations and procedures. Facilities differ on the items they permit, shipping methods that may be used, and how to address a package.

Certain rules and restrictions apply. Please check with the prison to verify. The following is an example of what some Correctional Institutions will not allow:

  •  Adult magazines are generally not allowed.
  •  Magazines depicting violence, gangs, gang signs, etc. are often rejected.
  •  Men's magazines are sometimes rejected because of nudity.
  •  The number of magazines allowed at one time is usually limited. It seems three (3) is a safe number, but you must verify with the Correctional Institution.

When we ship an order we email you with the tracking number from US Postal Service so you can follow the shipment, but if the prison REJECTS OR REFUSES all or any part of the order, we assume no responsibility, and you must bear the cost. No refunds or credits will be provided by Mag Illustrated LLC

1. ships an incorrect order

If a shipment is returned due to an error caused by our store (i.e. delivery address is not the address on your order) we will reship the magazines at no additional cost. 

2. An inmate customer is transferred to a different address
We will reship to a new address but will require you to pay additional shipping fees. No other refunds are provided

3. An inmate customer is released or the order is rejected because we are not an approved vendor

We will reship to a new address but will require you to pay additional shipping fees. No other refunds are provided

4. More magazines are ordered than a prison facility allows and they are returned

We can reship the order but we may require you to pay additional shipping fees. Some facilities do not notify us why they rejected a package, so you will need to research this. No other refunds are provided.

What happens if an order is missing but NOT returned to

We provide a tracking number through for all of our shipments. If the tracking number confirms a shipment was delivered and we can confirm the shipping information on the label matches the shipping address on the order we received, we are unable to offer a refund of any kind.

Correctional Facilities have different rules regarding what type of content is acceptable to receive, what companies are acceptable to receive items from, how an inmate is addressed on the package, etc. As the purchaser, it is your responsibility to ensure you verify all terms and conditions for the specific Correctional Facility you would like to ship to prior to placing an order. We have no control over what happens to a shipment once it leaves our store. 

Please contact us if you have additional questions.