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Alzheimer's: New Hope For a Cure

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Alzheimer’s is a creeping, insidious disease of the brain, one that starts out slowly and has no cure—at least not yet. Around 5.7 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, a number that will skyrocket to 14 million by 2050. In fact, every 65 seconds, someone in the United States develops the disease. Alzheimer’s can throw a person’s life into an emotional tailspin, regardless of whether that person is the patient, a loved one, or a caregiver. This guide can help as you and your family go through this agonizing journey together. It is packed with useful advice from experts and caregivers on how to manage the disease, and promising research that can hopefully slow its onset and someday lead to a cure. It is crammed with courageous stories from the afflicted and those they love. Inside you will learn various coping techniques and become better informed on the latest medical breakthroughs. 

Think of this guide as a how-to-manual that may slightly ease the burden for caregivers and loved ones, while giving hope for the future.

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