Beautiful Word Search for Women: 80 Large-Print Puzzles

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Put this beautiful book in her hands.

From the moment your mom (or grandma or sister or aunt or wife or daughter or friend) sees the fresh pink and white tulip bouquet on this book’s glossy cover she will be impressed. Then she will flip through it for the first time, and she will be in love with it. Here’s what she will find inside:

  • Lovely floral borders frame every page (this is an extra-special feature that you simply cannot find in other word search books, but we didn’t want to miss an opportunity to go above and beyond);

  • Charmingly feminine font choices set this book apart from virtually every other word search volume on the market. The title of each puzzle appears in graceful lettering that harmonizes with the floral page borders, and the font used for the word lists and grids provides elegance as well as strong legibility;

  • Nice, large-print word lists and grids on high-contrast, high-quality white paper make the puzzles easy-to-see; and, most importantly…

  • THE BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL PUZZLE THEMES and word lists of any word search book in history. Really. They are simply wonderful. These puzzles are going to take her on a trip through the French countryside during the annual lavender harvest, and then she’s going to go shoe shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York, and then she’s going on a cruise! She’ll get a chance to appreciate some Tiffany art glass, as well as the Mona Lisa. She’ll find “true love” in the Romeo & Juliet puzzle, and she’ll dress up for a fancy dinner at Downton Abbey. She will have fun with the baby shower puzzle, and the puzzles for crafters, and she won’t want to miss finding a delicious latte in the coffee shop puzzle. And as if all that wasn’t enough, these puzzles will give her a taste of rich, dreamy cheesecake and some chocolate desserts that she adores. In the end, the lucky woman receiving this book get’s it all, even the moon and the stars in our two puzzles about the night sky.

There are a total of 80 beautiful puzzles in this book that no lady should be without. Give her the best word search book for women, and don’t forget to get one for yourself, too!

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