Consumer Reports Magazine October 2019

Consumer Reports Magazine October 2019

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Consumer Reports Magazine October 2019

30-Second Privacy Fixes: 5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Data
How to quickly limit location tracking, facial recognition, smart speaker recordings, and other data collection
Wipe Data From Your Car Before Selling It
How to avoid sharing your playlist, garage door code, and driving history with the next owner
Smart Speakers That Listen When They Shouldn’t
Researchers at Northeastern University say the Amazon Echo may respond to dialogue other than its wake word

Privacy Tools That Help You Protect Your Personal Data
Services like DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail, and Signal allow you to have a digital life without sharing too much info
The Right to Remain Private: Where U.S. Law Lets You Down
With no law like Europe's GDPR to protect personal data, Americans have to rely on a patchwork of regulations

Special Reports

Danger at the Deli
Regularly eating even small amounts of cold cuts, including 'uncured' products, increases cancer and heart disease risk
Meat Gets a Makeover
Are the new plant-based patties and eventual lab-grown meats safe, healthy, or tasty? And will they save the environment?

What Deli Meat Labels Really Mean
CR decodes six confusing terms
Which Peanut Butter Cup Is the Healthiest?
Consumer Reports looked at three updated versions of the classic confection to determine which is best for you
Are Snack Bars for Kids a Healthy Choice?
Many companies now offer 'healthy' snack bars for kids. But are they actually good for them?
What’s So Great About Used Cars?
Shopping smart can get you a safer, more fuel-efficient vehicle than the one you may be driving now. We steer you to top choices.

The Right Way to Sit Behind the Wheel of a Car
Expert tips on adjustments for comfort and safety
Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?
The Great Recession has affected family decisions at every life stage. Get back on your financial feet even if you’re getting a late start.

Baby Boomers Are Giving Financial Help to Their Grown Children
What’s healthy, what’s not
From Our President: Keeping Your Data Safe
Consumer Reports is committed to helping consumers take back control of their personal data
Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, fairer, healthier marketplace
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

The October 2019 issue of Consumer Reports provides the latest ratings and reviews plus rigorous reporting on issues that impact consumers. Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted sources for information and advice on consumer products and services, with more than 7 million paying members. 

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