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Forks Over Knives Magazine Spring 2020

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Forks Over Knives Magazine (Spring, 2020) Veg It Up.

This gorgeous “bookazine” dedicated to the plant-based lifestyle is filled with 100 pages of expert tips, beautiful photos, inspiring success stories, and 72 healthy, satisfying recipes. Featured recipes include:

  • Spring greens: tasty ways to cook with baby spinach, arugula, and other spring leafies 
  • 30-minute dinners for busy weeknights
  • Blueberries! Inventive recipes including a breakfast crumble, salsa, tartlets, even chili! 
  • Incredible air fryer suppers 
  • The ultimate guide to fruit-forward vegan ice cream, a.k.a. “nice cream”
  • Veg it Up: How to mix ‘n’ match spiralized and riced veggies with noodles and grains

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