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LIFE Dogs: Why We Need Them. Why They Need Us.

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We love them, and they love us. Discover the meaning of the special bond between humans and dogs - delightful pets, dedicated workers, devoted companions - in this heartwarming new Special Edition from LIFE, Dogs: Why We Need Them. Why They Need Us. Filled with dozens of wonderful photographs and thought-provoking essays, Dogs showcases the best of our lives with these four-legged friends. In its pages, you'll meet both beloved family companions and the trained canines who work with us as service, therapy, bomb-sniffing, and police dogs, plus many more.

A special photo essay shares memories of celebrities like Lassie, Balto, Laika, Bo, even animated dogs, including Scooby Doo and Snoopy! There are more than 90 million dogs in the United States, and many more millions of Americans who love them. Give the dog people in your life a treat, that's only second to their trusted pals, with LIFE's Dogs!

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