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Perhaps more than any other time in modern history, the last decade has shown a new, vocal emergence of women showcasing their cultural power and importance. There have always been influential women exerting a force—albeit an often silenced or unacknowledged one. Now, the editors at LIFE present an opportunity to reconsider the tales of women who helped shape the greatest story ever told, with the special edition, Women of the Bible. Learn the Lessons from Their Lives as you explore relevant stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament, as well as insights into life in Ancient Israel during biblical times. 
Combining what we can learn from the book itself with what we have learned from modern research, LIFE delves into the details of twenty-five women’s lives, the defining moments and particular burdens. There are profound acts of bravery, decisive action in times of great danger, the bringing of wisdom as prophets and judges. And certainly there are the children they bore and raised with great love and effort. Women of the Bible is a chance to reassess and declare the significance of important women from Ancient Israel who, though sometimes forgotten, were heroines before the hero’s tale had begun.

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