National Geographic Magazine (February, 2020) Last Journey Into Slavery

National Geographic Magazine (February, 2020) Last Journey Into Slavery

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National Geographic Magazine (February, 2020) Last Journey Into Slavery FINDING CLOTILDA: The Clotilda illegally delivered 108 Africans to Alabama in 1860, making it the last known slave ship to reach U.S. shores. Once the Civil War ended and these slaves were set free, they put down roots upriver from Mobile, Alabama. They created a tight-knit, self-reliant community that came to be known as Africatown. This feature tells the story of their descendants, who are fighting to save their legacy. MODERN BEAUTY: The power of social media and the economics of fashion are helping to create a big-tent culture in which every woman can be celebrated as beautiful. This feature explores the past, present and future of what defines beauty around the world and how this definition will continue to evolve. 

BECOMING A "SPOKESBIRD": Rescued by a veterinarian in Curaçao, the charismatic bird has become a local celebrity and spokesbird for environmental awareness. Local veterinarian Odette Doest rescued Bob in 2016 after the American flamingo slammed into a hotel window. By grabbing people's attention with the tall, colorful bird, Odette hopes to increase awareness of environmental issues in the Caribbean, particularly plastic pollution, coral reef degradation and habitat loss. This feature explores how a gravely injured bird became a pampered pink celebrity. REWILDING A PRAIRIE: Two hundred years ago, bison, black-footed ferrets, pronghorn antelope, grassland birds and countless other species thrived in the Great Plains. Today, however, the "American Serengeti" is one of the fastest disappearing areas in the American West due to climate change and hunting. Because of this decline, American Prairie Reserve has launched one of the most ambitious conservation projects in U.S. history. This feature will explore plans to return the grasslands of central Montana

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