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National Geographic Magazine (September, 2019) The Arctic is Heating Up

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National Geographic Magazine (September, 2019) The Arctic is Heating Up THE MELTING ARCTIC: The drastic and immediate effects of climate change in the Arctic have led some to question if this could be the beginning of the next Cold War. A once-impenetrable polar ice cap is slowly melting, and will eventually expose oil and gas reserves and Canada's Northwest Passage. While the borders are settled, nations and corporations are now seeking a share of trillions of dollars' worth of minerals - including gold, diamonds and rare earth metals - petroleum, natural gas, and fish, as well as access to potentially cost-saving new shipping lanes. 
This feature explores the looming tensions between Russia, China and the U.S. over the Arctic. PREDATORS OF THE TUNDRA: Scientists are attempting to study a large population of Arctic wolves, and have uncovered drastically different behaviors in them than their relatives, southern gray wolves. Their unique behaviors, such as the formation of "super packs" and females visiting multiple den sites are just some fascinating behaviors scientists have unearthed about these mysterious creatures. This feature explores how wolves have evolved to survive the extreme environment of the Arctic. MELTING PERMAFROST: Arctic permafrost is thawing much faster than expected. With this sudden change in the environment comes some odd negative side effects: several Arctic forests are collapsing into craters, and carbon gases that had been trapped in permafrost for centuries are being released into the atmosphere. This feature explores the chaos plants and animals are experiencing due to climate change and the massive risks it poses for the planet.

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