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QVEST :Fashion today is more than just clothes and accessories. QVEST understands this and we put it at the heart of our world. Or to put it another way: just what can be counted as an accessory these days? Should the colour of our car match our shoes? Does the maxim ?no brown after six? apply better to works of video art? What ? to extend this conceit ? does one of Andy Warhol?s electric chairs in a vivid yellow say about its owner? What message is our neighbour trying to convey when he drives up in a brown coup??

As in society and language, the battles about greatness and principles in the field of fashion have already been fought. It is no longer about right and wrong and either/or; now it is about the tangental details. Which certainly promises to make things more varied and colourful, and more pleasurable too. Two years ago, practically over-night, we began developing our Berlin-London Fashion Magazine out of the well-established brand name QVEST. Now, with a certain sense of pride and satisfaction, but certainly not self-satisfaction, we are taking stock of our achievements: we have two fantastic years behind us ? 

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