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REAC Inspection Handbook 2018 (e-Book)

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Get Insider Tips on Acing Your REAC Inspections! Discover how to predict an inspector?s scoring?and ward off deductions Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspections are no fun, no fun at all. REAC?s ever-changing rules and inspectors? widely varying interpretations of those rules make inspections feel like a free-for-all and exceedingly tough to survive unscathed. If you feel like the decks are stacked against you, you are not alone ? and you?re not entirely wrong either. So what?s an owner/agent of HUD-funded housing to do? We?ve got all the expert tips, tools, and insider info you need to turn the tables and gain the upper hand on your next REAC inspection! Turn to: In the 2018 Edition of The REAC Inspection Handbook, you?ll learn:

Which common defects will cost you the most points ? and how to fix them
How to make sense of the UPCS and evolving definitions
How to properly handle a REAC inspection from start to finish
What tools to use to get your property ready for inspection day
What to do post-inspection ? decoding your score, what to fix first, and how to avoid making defects worse
Why you should keep your eyes peeled for these common inspector mistakes
What your appeal rights are?and whether you stand a chance of success
Unfortunately, REAC is relying more and more on an individual inspector?s opinion, allowing that inspector to cite deficiencies for anything that simply 'looks wrong.' That?s? why you need all the help you can get to keep your REAC scores up. With the threat of more frequent inspections and even loss of HUD funding for low scores, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge, tools, and expert advice to prepare for a REAC inspection. Get all that, and much more, in The REAC Inspection Handbook. Gain the advantage over picky inspectors, stay current on REAC?s constantly-shifting rules, and get the highest REAC score ever for your property! E-book - 90 pages

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