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Rolling Stone Magazine (September, 2019) Harry Styles Cover

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Rolling Stone Magazine (September, 2019) Harry Styles Cover (Print Magazine)

Fans are waiting on tenterhooks to find out what singer Harry Styles's new era will be like, and to kick it all off, the 25-year-old musician gave an in-depth interview to Rolling Stone covering everything from his time in One Direction to that one time he bit off a piece of his tongue while doing mushrooms. Harry told the magazine his forthcoming album (that as of the time of the interview a few months ago was getting its final touches) is all about "having sex and feeling sad," which already has us up in our feelings and ready to purchase multiple copies.

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Harry also touched on his relationship with his former One Direction bandmates and whether he's willing to revisit that part of his past sometime in the future. Perhaps one of the best pieces of this interview, though, is how Harry, yet again, defended his fanbase, predominantly made up of women who garner a lot of criticism simply for their gender. "They're the people who listen obsessively. They f*cking own this sh*t. They're running it," he said.

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