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Sports Illustrated April 2020 Empty Stadiums

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Sports Illustrated April 2020 Empty Stadiums. Single Issue magazine.

Sports Illustrated Magazine - April 2020 issue with the NFL Draft Guide: Meet the sure-thing prospects and a unique crop of QBs. The Alabama record-setter, Jerry Jeudy, a master of his craft, headlines the best crop of wideouts in years; Land of the Freak: Will Giannis Antetokounmpo leave Milwaukee next summer? Before the season was suspended on March 11, he was on his way to a second straight MVP; Where are they now?

Royce White says his mental health activism kept him out of the NBA. Now he's entering the octagon; Timeout - amid the fallout, we are taking stock of a sports-free world; Holed-up: Michael Crane arrived at the Masters a rising star in TV production. After a brazen robbery, he left in cuffs.

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