Street Trucks Magazine March 2020

Street Trucks Magazine March 2020

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Single issue magazine. Street Trucks Magazine March 2020



22 Vulcanized – Stronger, Harder and Tougher Than the Original Version

30 LO TI10 – Just Another Titan Dually … Wait, What?

38 Funky COE Medina – A Way Custom COE Hauler

56 Top This – Makin’ Memories with Metal Flake

102 M8KNLUV – Anthony Cobb Just Felt Like…


48 Shakedown Tour – We Did It—and It Was EPIC!

66 The Best Fresh Products from SEMA ’19 – Build Your Truck with the Latest Parts on the Market


90 SEMA Show 2019 – Raising the Bar

96 Texas Heat Wave – Best of 2019 The Fire That Won’t Go Out


84 F-100 Crown Vic Swap – Hard Work Earns Big Rewards

108 A Truck You Can Hang Your Hat On – Squarebody Syndicate Hosts a One-Day Party to Get Their Engine Running

116 On the Low Tahoe – Switch Suspension Takes a Unicorn and Makes It Better


8 Message from the Editor
12 Word on the Street
16 Parts Counter
123 Our Lifestyle
124 Event Calendar
128 Street Humor

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