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The Atlantic Magazine (October, 2020) Making America Again.

Featured Articles:

  • The Next Reconstruction – The United States has its best opportunity in 150 years to fulfill its promise as a multiracial democracy. 
  • Make America Again – We may be on the cusp of an era of radical reform that advances citizens’ rights, restores opportunity, and repairs our broken democracy .
  • The Constitution Counted My Great-Great-Grandfather as Three-fifths of a Free Person – Here’s how I love it anyway.  
  • How Disaster Shaped a Modern City – The lessons of history are clear: Visionary responses to calamities have changed urban life for the better.  
  • Toby Dorr’s Great Escape – Ever thought about breaking free, abandoning your responsibilities, running away from life itself?  
  • Power Shortage – Women’s rights are nothing without the power to claim them.
  • Mob Justice – An Italian prosecutor takes on his country’s most powerful crime syndicate.

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