The Best Word Search Book Ever Made

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Are you sick of the same old word search books over and over again?

Let me guess, it's a block of random letters with thirty loosely-related boring words to find, over and over and over again until your brain rots? Not this book! This is a real word-searcher's word search book, and I truly believe it is the best one out there – especially if you're an adult looking for something more engaging. 

115 Word Searches In Large-ish Print For All Ages!

Sometimes it's a little tougher than typical word searches, but it's nothing you can't handle! It is great for all ages – kids and adults alike – and though some of the trivia questions, concepts, and words may be unfamiliar to a younger audience, they can still find and circle the words, and maybe learn something new!

There are additional puzzles within the 115 word searches in this book, there are interesting words, there are interesting word lists, a little trivia, a little humor, and it's pretty large print.

If you're new to these kinds of puzzles, it's a great book to start with, and if you've been doing word searches for years, it's a great book to get next. It's a great gift for you, a loved one, or even a not-so-loved one. It's great for airplanes, trains, cars, and possibly boats.

It's handcrafted with love, and I promise you will enjoy it.

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