The Thyroid Cure Centennial Health Magazine 2022

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The Thyroid Cure Centennial Health Magazine 2022

Your thyroid won’t be ignored. Understanding how it works and what will happen if there’s an imbalance is a good place to start developing a better relationship with this important gland. With this book, you will take control of your metabolism, and learn to regulate your thyroid the natural way. 

Is Your Thyroid Healthy? It may only be a small, butterfly-shaped gland located near the base of your neck, but it has a powerful impact on almost everything that goes on in your body. If you are feeling sluggish, find yourself gaining (or losing) weight, have difficulty sleeping, or notice your hair is thinning, your periods are irregular or you’re anxious or depressed, your thyroid may be to blame. Your thyroid affects your brain, gut, skin, bones, muscles and more, and if it’s out of whack you may experience any number of symptoms. Luckily, common problems like hypothyroidism (an underachieve thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive) are easily diagnosed and treatable. In The Thyroid Cure, you’ll learn how to get the right diagnosis and what medications will work best to normalize thyroid levels. Plus, discover lifestyle solutions that will help you manage your symptoms, from diet tips and the best food choices to smart over-the-counter supplements and stress management techniques. It’s time to take control of your thyroid and start feeling healthier today.  

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