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TIME Cybersecurity: Hacking, the Dark Web and You

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Mysterious and dark, the many dangers of the internet lurk just below the sunny surface of social media, online shopping and cat videos. Now, in a new Special Edition from the Editors of TIME, comes Cybersecurity: Hacking, the Dark Web and You to help you understand the dangers posed by hackers, cyber criminals and other bad actors on the internet. Those potentially at risk include: individuals (your personal photography and communications, your finances and more); businesses and international relations; and our government (think interference in the November 2016 United States elections). 

Clear and concise, this Special Edition features up-to-the-minute information, graphics, and statistics as well as a hacking glossary to help you better understand the threats that lie in wait behind each keystroke. Cybersecurity is filled with compelling stories about hacks and hackers, the battle against revenge porn, Google’s elite guard against rising digital threats, and it also includes a step-by-step guide to help you defend against scammers and viruses. For anyone who uses the internet—and that’s pretty much all of us—Cybersecurity is a thorough examination of the security challenges of technology today, and how to overcome them to stay safe online.

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