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TIME Great Scientists: The Geniuses and Visionaries

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With every discovery from gravity to relativity, from fossils to penicillin or genetics, scientists have shown us the way through the darkness and helped bring clarity and understanding to complicated ideas and concepts. Great Scientists, the updated classic Special Edition from TIME, reveals the compelling stories of the innovators—both the famous and the unsung—who have shaped our lives and our understanding of the world around us, from Albert Einstein to Isaac Newton and Louis Pasteur to Marie Curie. 

TIME Great Scientists: The Geniuses and Visionaries Who Transformed Our World

Filled with insightful essays, dozens of photographs and illustrations from the editors of TIME magazine, this Special Edition explores the greats and explains their work in physics, mathematics, medicine, genetics, paleontology, astronomy, earth sciences, chemistry, archaeology and the social sciences. Also included is a special commemorative section on Stephen Hawking revealing this groundbreaking scientist as a theorist, scholar—and a resilient, down-to-earth man with a great sense of humor. Great Scientists is the perfect read for anyone interested in science, creativity and the capacity of the human mind.

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