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TIME-LIFE Magazine The Most Notorious Serial Killers

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Discover the horrifying stories behind history’s most shocking killers

Jack the Ripper. The Zodiac Killer. Son of Sam. Ted Bundy. John Wayne Gacy. Serial killers both terrify and fascinate us. Now dozens of these dramatic cases are gathered into one page-turning volume, packed with unforgettable images and as-it-happened storytelling from the editors of TIME-LIFE. From Charles Manson and his cult, to Mark David Chapman, to Jeffrey Dahmer, these ruthless, gruesome murderers committed crimes that shocked our country. This compulsively readable volume explores the psychology and the motivation of serial killers and includes a timeline of related crimes. Bonus articles on mass murderers, school shooters, gun crimes, and more up-to-the-minute topics make TIME-LIFE Serial Killers a complete and compelling look at killers throughout history—and today.

TIME-LIFE The Most Notorious Serial Killers: Ruthless, Twisted Murderers Whose Crimes Chilled the Nation

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