Very Difficult Number Search and Word Search: Puzzles for Brainiacs

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Do you love a challenge? Are you tired of easy puzzles? Discover why this is Puzzled Zebra Book's best selling puzzle book. Join loads of other intelligent people and get your copy today!

All word search and number search puzzles are the same, right? Wrong. Puzzled Zebra Books presents something completely different. If you find conventional word search and number search puzzle books too easy for you then you are looking at the solution, designed especially for you.

The words to search for will mostly be unfamiliar to you, and the grids for the word and number search puzzles have been designed to trip you up, and be as difficult as possible. There are no solutions provided for these puzzles because you are clever, and will find all of the hidden words and numbers, eventually.

Sometimes you have to do a little extra work before you arrive at the words to search for. If you are up for the challenge put your thinking cap on, pick up your pencil, and set to work. It's not for nothing that you have a reputation as a brainiac!

This book contains 105 puzzles each with 40 words or numbers to be found; it has been formatted in large print 18 point Verdana font.

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