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Winq : In this fall issue there is lots of everything cool and might. Like Mika. Singing his unavoidable bubblegum tunes and still coy about his sexuality. The Mika reprisal. If you had any idea of the amount of flak that I get for the kind of songs that I write or the way that I talk about or refuse to talk about almost any private aspect of my life, you did be pretty astonished Or diminutive fashion designer Puey Quinones who trains murderers, rapists and terrorists in the art of fashion in a maximum-security jail in Manila.

And on a more serious note: Human Rights Watch conducts the battle for gay rights worldwide as an integral part of the defence of universal human rights. Anytime something is written about homosexuality in the Arab press, they add that it is part of the conspiracy against the Arab world by the US and Israel. It is also been known for LGBT organisations to be labelled 'Zionist collaborators', and then no one will want to talk to you.

And we like to travel. To the Philippines, where a Filipina contestant at the Miss Universe pageant was asked how many islands her country was comprised of, it probably wasn't a trick question. She gave a dazzling smile and replied:

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